10 common mistakes people make when applying for a green card

Today i will be able to be highlighting 10 common mistakes people make when applying for a green card
It’s easier to overlook important details when adjusting your status. which are most ordinarily noticed by the Attorneys see these 10 errors–here’s how you’ll avoid them.

#1 – Not understanding the applicant’s current immigration status
Adjustment of status only works if the applicant can prove that he or she entered the US with permission (what USCIS calls “with inspection”). this suggests that he or she talked to immigration officers at the border or airport and was allowed into the country. If the alien entered without permission, then we’d like to seem at waivers and if the alien is eligible for special programs.

#2 – Not filling out all of the specified forms
A positive identification application takes seven to nine different forms to be completed. consistent with the Office of Management and Budget of the White House, it takes a touch over 21 and a half hours to finish the forms and gather the supporting documents.

#3 – Not having the supporting documents
You will need to prove each aspect of the positive identification application. you’ve got to prove that the wedding is real and not only for immigration reasons. you’ve got to prove that any prior marriages have ended. you’ve got to prove that you simply aren’t “inadmissible” due to past actions. And you’ve got to prove that there’s enough support available for the alien.

#4 – Not having the affidavit of support
The affidavit of support could also be a critical a neighborhood of the appliance and one that the bulk people don’t understand. the requirements of the affidavit of support both for filing the appliance , also as after the appliance is approved, are substantial. In brief, the affidavit of support could also be a promise made by a sponsor to provide support for a replacement permanent resident. If the permanent resident receives means-tested public benefits, the sponsor becomes responsible for their repayment.

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# 5 – Not sending your packet to the right location.
Each application for benefits goes to a special location. Even the same forms attend different locations based upon why you’re applying. it is vital to know the proper location, or immigration will reject the appliance after a few of weeks, and tell you to send it to the right location.

# 6 – Not telling the whole truth
The biggest mistake you’ll make when applying for a identification is to lie or fail to disclose something. this is often often true for both the documents you submit, and your adjustment interview. If your case is approved, the USCIS will forgive the actual fact that you simply simply overstayed your visa, the actual fact that you simply simply worked without permission, and even some minor criminal issues. But if you lie or fail to disclose something, the USCIS will deny your application. For the alien, which can mean removal from the US. But even the US citizen spouse is in jeopardy, because lying to the USCIS could also be a criminal offense .

Mistake # 7 – Moving
If you’re doing not have a lawyer, the USCIS will send all notices to the address you give once you file. If you progress during the appliance process, you’ve to notify the USCIS. But in my experience, the USCIS features a terrible diary with address changes – they often still send notices and knowledge requests to your old address – albeit you file the required papers to vary your address. If they send an interview notice or information request and you are doing not respond – they deny your case.

# 8 – Leaving the US
A 10 year ban kicks in when the alien leaves the US. Applying for a identification doesn’t change your immigration status or provide you with the right to re-enter the US. Many aliens are understandably eager to visit their home country after years away from home. albeit the USCIS features how for aliens to urge reentry permission while the adjustment case is pending, if you permit before you’ve the proper papers your application are getting to be deemed abandoned and denied.

# 9 – Not being prepared for your interview
Your interview is like your final exam in school . you will have done everything right up to this point, but if you flunk the interview you’ll not get your “green card.” At the interview the officer will ask you questions from your applications and supporting documents. The officer also will ask you questions on how you met and your marriage. Many of the offices separate the spouses and compare their answers to determine if the marriage is real.

Mistake # 10 – Trusting that the USCIS will assist you
They won’t. the most target of the various governmental agencies is to help people, but the USCIS is different. The USCIS will grant your adjustment of status application if you qualify and do everything right, but it isn’t there to help you along. it’s nearly impossible to even ask them a problem .

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