10 noticeable Lakes in America You Never Knew About

Here are the foremost jaw-dropping lakes hidden in your own backyard. And for more tranquil oases, inspect the 21 Swimming Holes So Magical you will not Believe They’re within the U.S.

here are the foremost jaw-dropping lakes hidden in your own backyard. And for more tranquil oases, inspect the 21 Swimming Holes So Magical you will not Believe They’re within the U.S.

#1 Lake Jocassee (South Carolina)

To access Lake Jocassee, you’ll need to start at Devils Fork State Park in Salem. Whether you’re into camping, glamping, or luxury lodging, the park offers many places to form your homebase. While Lake Jocassee is very large (7,500 acres, to be exact), much of its shoreline is underdeveloped. Its crisp and clean water is fed by cascading rivers from the Appalachians .

#2 Fallen Leaf Lake (California)

While the masses flock to Lake Tahoe , Fallen Leaf Lake lies blissfully under the radar. only one mile from Lake Tahoe , this hidden dip is tucked away within the mountains of Eldorado National Forest, near the California-Nevada border. It’s worth exploring not just for the breathtaking scenery, but also for the superb hiking trails and serene cascades—like Fallen Leaf Lake Waterfall.

#3 Hanging Lake, Colorado

Imagine a scene from Jurassic Park: a jade oasis with waterfalls built into a steep canyon. That’s exactly what Hanging Lake seems like . To access the magical lake, visitors must walk the three-mile loop from Glenwood Springs into Glenwood Canyon, but the trek is well well worth the effort for a refreshing dip within the end. While you’re there, you’ll swim around and even walk behind Spouting Rock Falls. And for more glorious cascades, inspect the 15 Waterfalls So Magical you will not Believe They’re within the U.S.

#4 Cranks Creek Lake, Kentucky

This 219-acre reservoir on the Martins Fork River is found in Harlan County, Kentucky, near the state’s border with Virginia. Boating at a reduced speed is permitted, but Cranks Creek is hottest for fishing within the calm waters, where you’ll find everything from rainbow trout to bluegill and largemouth bass.

#5 Walden Pond, Massachusetts

You might recall the name Walden Pond from Henry David Thoreau’s transcendentalist book, Walden. it had been written during the American writer’s time living near Walden Pond, surrounded naturally , in Concord, Massachusetts. Located within Walden Pond State Reservation about 20 miles from Boston, the glacial lake is roofed in fiery colors during the autumn and features a reproduction of the cabin where Thoreau lived and wrote.

#6 Lake Martin, Alabama

Spanning quite 40,000 acres between both Birmingham and Montgomery, this enormous lake contains several large islands, a lighthouse, a golf resort, and most notably, Chimney Rock, a 60-foot-tall formation and one among the region’s most picturesque spots. Throughout the year, Lake Martin hosts sailing clubs, jazz festivals, and other activities for everybody to enjoy.

#7 Williams Lake, New Mexico

When you consider the New Mexican landscape, your mind probably conjures images of deserts and sand dunes instead of alpine lakes. on the other hand again, you’ve probably never heard of Williams Lake. It’s located within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Taos, and to access it visitors must trek along a four-mile trail. It’s one among the foremost picturesque spots within the state, and albeit you visit within the summer, you’ll find Williams Lake surrounded by snow-coated peaks.

#8 Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee

This reservoir is bordered by the Cumberland and Obey Rivers, right the Kentucky-Tennessee line. There are a couple of resorts round the lake, like Mary Ray Oaken Lodge, and for travelers preferring a more outdoorsy experience, there are campgrounds including those on Geiger Island, which was historically used as a Boy Scouts campsite. Fishing is particularly fruitful on Dale Hollow Lake, especially for smallmouth bass.

#9 Table Rock Lake, Missouri

Located in southwestern Missouri’s Ozark Mountains—just a fast trip from Branson—Table Rock Lake is one among the highest fishing spots within the state. Avid anglers cast their lines to catch bass, bluegill, and paddlefish from the shore and by boat. For landlubbers, there’s also hiking and biking on the paths round the lake, also as many spots for swimming. within the evening, don’t miss the spectacular sunset from the Chapel of the Ozarks at Big Cedar Lodge, which sits atop a hill overlooking the lake’s twisting coves. And for more surprising stateside destinations, inspect the 13 Secret Islands within the U.S. You Never Knew Existed.

#10 Beaver Lake, Arkansas

Known for its limestone bluffs, natural caves, and almost 500 miles of shoreline, Beaver Lake draws in tourists to northwest Arkansas for fishing, hiking, birdwatching, and boating. This man-made reservoir is nestled just beyond Eureka Springs, a crunchy little vacation town within the Ozarks , where you’ll bunk down for the night in one among the area’s many treehouse cottages.

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