5 fun Places you will love to check out when you visit Barcelona (Spain)

1.) Barcelona Cathedral:

Everyone wants to travel but not all know what to do and places to visit to make their travel/vacation fun one,

Whenever the more generic title Barcelona Cathedral is mentioned , people’s mind goes to Sagrada Família, right? Well, it’s not actually a cathedral in itself,

This cathedral is fully titled The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is really much older and skilled than Sagrada Família and well worth seeing in Barcelona.

Dating as far back because the 13th century, this Cathedral is steeped in rich history and is one among the foremost impressive sites to ascertain in Barcelona.

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2. Park Güell

Another one for the photographer’s out there, this public park in Barcelona boasts amazing views and vivid colours that have now come to be symbolic of a visit to Barcelona.

The view from the park is additionally well worth the trip here.

3. Palau Güell

This mansion was built by Gaudi for wealthy businessman Eusebi Güell and although this building isn’t instantly recognisable as a piece by Gaudi, it’s sheer detail and history make it a must-visit.

Now, just confirm you pace your Gaudi buildings out between your days. After all, you don’t want to urge fatigued and think that’s all there’s to try to to in Barcelona. there’s such a lot to see!

4. Casa Milà :

Also, referred to as La Pedrera, this building was designed by Gaudi within the early 1900s and may be a prime example of not just Gaudi’s famed work but of prime modernist architecture.

If you’re a lover of architecture or indeed, just a lover of Gaudi, this is often handily of the simplest things to try to to in Barcelona.

5. Sagrat Cor :

This church takes some effort to urge to as it’s located on the summit of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona.

That being said, once you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with not just a powerful sight that’s a must-see in Barcelona but also with an incredible vantage viewing point of the city!

Just confirm to travel hear early enough to go to the church but late enough to ascertain the sun glow.

Afterwards, make sure to explore the retro rides and theme park that has stood here since the 19th century. It’s so gorgeous. 


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