5 Things You Should Never Do in an Airplane Bathroom

Human hand knocking at the wooden door
  1. Don’t Be Rude While You Wait :

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But that does not offer you authority to chop the road or barge within the second someone opens the toilet door. Flying is stressful as is; don’t compound it by huffing and puffing in line, hoping people will allow you to skip ahead. And don’t incessantly play the flimsy door #passengershaming someone into speeding up the method .

Alternatively, if there’s an elderly passenger or family with children that appear as if they’re in urgent need, offer to allow them to go first. most are within the same tin tube together, and being rude won’t get you to the destination any faster.

2. Don’t Forget Your Shoes :

Would you walk into an airport bathroom barefoot or in your socks? actually not. So why would anyone think it’s acceptable to undertake to to so on board the plane? i buy that it’s comfortable to start your shoes during a long-haul flight, but if nature calls – tie them copy . Turbulence happens, so if you think that that it’s only water on the bottom soaking into your socks, you’re sadly mistaken. And to double down on the dirtiness, I’ve seen some passengers strutting copy the aisle carefree then flopping their filthy feet on the empty seat or tray table next to them. So please, for the health and hygiene of all onboard, keep your kicks on!

3. Don’t Escape to Vape

We’ve all heard the announcements ad nausea about lighting up mid-air, (which has been illegal since 2000), but that hasn’t stopped some e-cigarette and vape users from thinking they’re above the law 30,000 feet up. Since October 2015, the utilization of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in-flight also . So, if you haven’t flown within the last six years or think that you simply can sneak a puff during a plane lavatory, re-evaluate . Severe fines or maybe arrests may occur if you’re found tampering with the smoke detector or get called out by a crewmember noticing a strawberry-scented cloud billowing below the toilet door.

4. Don’t Forget to Lock the Door :

Not everyone likes surprises, especially onboard an airplane. So, do yourself a favor and do not get caught together with your pants down by forgetting to lock the rest room door properly. Not only is it embarrassing for all parties involved. But it also can get extremely awkward if the person accidentally barging in only happens to be your seatmate. That’s a surefire thanks to make that cross-country flight seem 10x longer as you shy away into your seat.

Don’t Forget to Lock the Door

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