DAAD Masters Scholarships For All International Students to Study in Germany 2022/23

Study-In-Germany: 2022/23 DAAD Masters Scholarships For All International Students

The DAAD Masters Scholarships has offered all international students the opportunity to continue and proceed with their study in a University in Germany.

What are the Scholarship Requirements ?

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have and acquired certain qualifications and some of the examples are:

Study-In-Germany: 2022 DAAD Masters Scholarships For International Students

DAAD Masters Scholarships 2022/23

DAAD Masters Scholarships programme rogramme offers you the opportunity to continue your academic education in Germany with a postgraduate course of study.

To enable scholarship holders to learn German in preparation for their stay in Germany, DAAD offers the following services:

Payment of course fees for an online language course after receipt of the Scholarship Award Letter

if necessary: German language course (2, 4 or 6 months) before the start of the study visit in Germany; the DAAD decides whether to fund participation and for how long depending on German language skills and project. Participation in a language course is compulsory if the study programme is taught in German. Due to the pandemic, German courses may take place online.

Allowance for a personally chosen German language course during the scholarship period

Reimbursement of the fees for the TestDaF or DSH test which has either been taken in the home country after receipt of the Scholarship Award Letter or in Germany during the funding period

Which Country can apply for this Scholarship Opportunity?

Reward for this Scholarship :

What is the Deadline For the DAAD Scholarship 2022/23?

The Deadline for this Scholarship is August 31, 2021

What can be funded?

a postgraduate or Master’s degree programme completed at a state or state-recognised university in Germany


One year of study in Germany as part of a postgraduate or Master’s degree programme with completing the degree abroad; recognition of the academic achievements rendered in Germany must be guaranteed. The standard period of study at the home university should not be exceeded as a result of the study year in Germany.

Duration of the funding

Scholarship Requirements

In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, applicants must:

Excellently-qualified graduates who have completed a first degree (e.g. Bachelor, Diplom) at the latest by the time they commence their scholarship-supported study programme.

For applicants from artistic disciplines and the field of architecture, the DAAD offers subject-specific scholarship programmes: Music, Fine Art/Design/Film, Performing Art, Architecture

When will the DAAD Scholarship Reward Start ?

This scholarship opportunity usually begins on the 1st October of the following year, or earlier if you take a German language course prior to the study programme.

Some Other criteria for this Scholarship are:

(documented by: curriculum vitae, if applicable, certificates):

How can I apply for the DAAD Scholarship 2022/23 ?

To Apply for this Scholarship Opportunity Kindly Visit DAAD Official Website

Make sure you follow the procedure careful for a successful Application.

What’s the Deadline For DAAD Masters Scholarships For All International Students to Study in Germany 2022/23

The Deadline For this Scholarship Opportunity is Aug 1, 2021

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