FRSC Registration 2021 Access Denied Issues (FINAL SOLUTION) How to Fix it

FRSC Registration 2021 Access Denied Issues (HOW TO FIX IT)

You have been trying to apply for the FRSC Registration but found it difficult to complete your registration, then you are on the right page because we got you covered on all the necessary steps to take to bye-pass Access Denied Issues during your  FRSC Registration.

1. Use Firefox browser
2 open private browser in the Firefox browser
3. Goto and at the top left click Apply 
4. Fill the form accordingly
5. Enter a new email address and submit.
6. Check your email and copy the information.
7. Go back to
8. Click applicant login and enter the details you received on your email
9. Click on your name and change your password. *Make sure you change password*
10. Log out. *make sure you log out*
11. Login again
12. You should also recheck your application and click complete application and register accordingly.

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