#NECO 2021: Agric Science Practical Questions & Answers

NECO Agric Science Practical Questions & Answers 2021

This page is for those in search of the Agric Science Practical Questions & Answers to prepare for a successful examination in 2021.

  1. Specimen A: Born specimen B: Horn
  2. Specimen C: Hoof
  3. Specimen D: Water (labeled)
  4. Specimen E: Cowpea seeds
  5. Specimen F: Tridax
  6. Specimen G: Goat weed specimen H: Sida
  7. specimen I: spear grass
  8. Sspecimen J: Elephant grass
  9. Specimen K: pigweed
  10. Specimen L: waterleaf

It is imperative to note that the question I will reveal in this article below is not the actual NECO question for 2021. However, these questions have an 80%-90% chance of coming out in your examination because it’s what always comes out over years.

NECO Agric Practical Answers 2021

The NECO Agric science practical answers for 2021/2022 loading…

If you want to pass NECO agric science, you must:

  • Before the exam, read and practice previous questions to learn how to recognize organisms and their physical characteristics.
  • Bring your drawing tools and a pen inside the examination room.
  • Pay attention to what the teacher and examiner are saying.

Note that the above practical Specimen for Biology Practical is not all answers to any questions. In subsequent time the answer will be released while the exams have commenced. Keep reloading the page for updates

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