NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2021/22 – Free NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers

NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2021/2022 – NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers

Are you in search of genuine NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2021? Then you are at the right place, here we will be updating you on all neco practice Practical Questions and Answers as fast as we can.

As we all know National Examination Council (NECO) officially started on Monday 12th July it is important that all candidates prepare well for the NECO Biology Practical that would be coming up on 23rd of July 2021 it is important you note the NECO Biology Practical Specimen which will be used to answer all questions during exams for a successful exam.

NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2021

  • SPECIMEN A – Atlas vertebra
  • SPECIMEN B – Thoracic vertebra
  • SPECIMEN C – Scapula
  • SPECIMEN D – Lumbar vertebra
  • SPECIMEN E – Pooter
  • SPECIMEN F – Sweep net
  • SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit
  • SPECIMEN H – Tad pole
  • SPECIMEN I – Spirogyra (filaments)
  • SPECIMEN J – Okro fruit
  • SPECIMEN K – Mango fruit
  • SPECIMEN L – Tick
  • SPECIMEN M – Bean weevil
  • SPECIMEN N – Cactus plant
  • SPECIMEN O – Water lettuce
  • SPECIMEN P – Soldier termite (mandibulate)


NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers


Note that the above practical Specimen for Biology Practical is not answers to any questions. In subsequent time the answer will be released while the exams have commenced. Keep reloading the page for updates

NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers (2021)


Specimen; A is yam tuber
Specimen; B is cassava tuber
Specimen; C is quadrant
Specimen; D is insect net
Specimen; E is rain guage
Specimen; F is rice grain
Specimen; G is dry groundnuts seed

Specimen; A is propagated from small tubers
Specimen; B is propagated by stem
Specimen; F is propagated by seeds

Specimen; C is used for the study of the distribution of an item over a large area.
Specimen; D is used for prevention against insects
Specimen; E is used to measure the precipitating rain

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Diagram of insect net.

(i)The surface of B turn blue-black
(ii)starch is present

Specimen; F grains (cereals)
Specimen; G puises (legume)

(i)The paper appears translucent
(ii) Specimen; G contain fat and oil or fat and oil is present in specimen G

Fat and oil

Specimen; H is contour feather
Specimen; I is quill feather
Specimen; J is Filoplume
Specimen; K is millipede
Specimen; L is centipede

(i)They provide insulation to birds
(ii)Feathers allow for flight
(iii)Feathers are used for defense
(iv)Feathers are used for camouflage


Diagram of specimen I.

(i)Specimen; H serves as aerodynamic
devices for flight
(ii)Specimen; J is used principally as insulation, to conserve body heat.

Specimen; K belong to the class Diplopoda
Specimen; L belongs to the class Chilopoda.

In tabular form
-Specimen; K-
(i)millipedes are more rounded.
(ii)Millipedes have two sets of legs per segment positioned directly under their body.

Specimen; L-
(i)centipedes have a flatter body
(ii)Centipedes have one set of legs per segment positioned on the side of their body.

Specimen; M is Grasshopper
Specimen; N is a spider
Specimen; O is Larva (housefly)
Specimen; P is Larva ( mosquito)
Specimen; Q Flame of The forest flower
Specimen; R hibiscus flower.

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