NPower Screening Test 2021: How to check your NPower Results online free

NPower Result Checker is strictly for all shortlisted Candidates who engaged in NPower Screening Test 2021, kinly follow the below guideline to check your result.

NPower Result Checker and Screening List 2021

All candidates who successfully completed their Npower Registration are hereby advised to check the list published by N Power for their status via

NOTE: Do not PAY anybody to access your NPower Exam screening results nor any Individual claiming to have access to the Results and no staff of INFOMAT247 will ever request a payment from you for anything.

NPower Test Results in Categories through

Before you proceed to check your Screening results, you have to take note of the particular category you applied for during the registration exercise carried out recently.

NPower 2021 Categories

  • NPower Teach – For all candidates who applied for the Teach category, this promotes all careers as it relates to teaching.
  • NPower Health – For all candidates who applied for the Health category, this promotes all careers as it relates to the medical field. This category suits all medical practitioners who want a career in this line.
  • NPower Agro – For all unemployed youths who would love a career in the Agricultural sphere. This includes farming and all other Agro related careers.
  • NPower Tax – This category was specifically designed for all unemployed youths who would love to be tax liaisons in assisting the general populace pay and process their TAX to the relevant authorities.

NPower latest update :

  • How to Successfully Register on NPower
  • How to Login in Npower portal
  • Updates and News from NPower

How to Check NPower Results through portal?

To check your Npower Results, you need to log in to the category you selected during Registration.

With the above guilde you can easily access your screening results on as you plan to get your dream job without stress.

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