1.      Student Activist of the Year
2.      Most Creative Student
3.      Entrepreneur of the Year ( Male)
4.      Entrepreneur of the Year (Female)
5.      Artiste of the Year (Male)
6.      Artiste of the Year (Female)
7.      Indigenous Artiste of the Year
8.      Rap Artiste of the Year
9.      Best Lyricist on Campus
10.  Next Rated Artiste of the Year
11.  Song of the Year
12.  DJ of the Year
13.  Producer of the Year
14.  Best Male Clique on Campus
15.  Best Female Clique on Campus
16.  Best Use of Social Media (Female)
17.  Best Use of Social Media (Male)
18.  Online Media Personality (Male)
19.  Online Media Personality (Female)
20.  On Air Media Personality (Male)
21.  On Air Media Personality (Female)
22.  Sportsman of the Year
23.  Sportswoman of the Year
24.  Graphics Designer of the Year
25.  Best Student Photographer
26.  Most Popular Male Student
27.  Most Popular Female Student
28.  Best Student Make Up Artist
29.  Comedian of the Year
30.  Compere of the Year
31.  Mr Fresher
32.  Miss Fresher
33.  Best Student Writer
34.  Best Clothier on Campus
35.  Most Sophisticated Male Student
36.  Most Sophisticated Female Student
37.  Poet of the Year
38.  Most Talented Male Dancer
39.  Most Talented Female Dancer
40.  Dance Crew of the Year
41.  Most Handsome
42.  Most Beautiful
43.  Most Influential Male Student
44.  Most Influential Female Student
45.  Model of the Year (Male)
46.  Model of the Year (Female)
47.  Blogger of the Year (Male)
48.  Blogger of the Year (Female)
49.  Most Fashionable (Male)
50.  Most Fashionable (Female)

N.B: UNILORIN HYPE AWARDS is exclusive to University of Ilorin students.
Nominations/entries for UNILORIN HYPE AWARDS starts first semester.

“How Do You Get Nominated?”

Students nominate themselves or friends into any category of their choice. Nominations will last for one month after which a nominees list will be released which will comprise of all the selected nominees for each category before proceeding to voting

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